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Services sector developing

12.04.17 20:01

At the Tashkent institute of finance, a scientific-practical conference has taken place on the subject of “The importance of the services sector in raising the financial potential of regions”.

International symposium on physics concludes

14.11.16 9:45

International symposium on physics concludes

An international symposium entitled “New Trends of Development Fundamental and Applied Physics: Problems, Achievements and Prospects” took place in Tashkent on 10-11 November. The symposium was held at the initiative of Uzbekistan’s First President Islam Karimov.

Ahead of Golden Term

23.06.14 16:30

All the higher education institutions of Uzbekistan have announced the admissions season for the 2014-2015 academic year.

To College from School

26.05.14 17:21

…The last bell has rung, overfilling the hearts of boys and girls with excitement and joy.

Olympiad of Young Lawyers

15.05.14 15:26

In the decree “On Measures to Cardinally Improve the Social Security of Judiciary Personnel” signed by the head of our state on 2 August 2012, a particular emphasis is placed on the further perfection of law education and the necessity of fundamental improvement in the quality of training specialists who are geared to contemporary requirements.

Charity Book Marathon

25.04.14 17:30

Every second and fourth Friday of each month have been announced in Ferghana region as The Day of Bibliophiles in order to boost the interest of the youth in book reading, enhance their world outlook, foster a patriotically geared generation wielding profound knowledge and professional skills.

Kiddies from “Yulduzcha”

08.04.14 12:56

170 children are nurtured at the preschool education institution “Yulduzcha” in the city of Nukus.

A Modern School

26.03.14 14:30

Everything conducive for attaining latest education for schoolchildren is created at the general school no.6 in Termez.

Education and Upbringing

07.03.14 14:31

The state preschool education institution no.1 in the Buvaida district of Ferghana region boasts everything conducive for nurturing the growing generation children as healthy and comprehensively advanced individuals.

A Modern School

06.03.14 15:00

In the modern school projected to seat 200 pupils boasts everything essential for the schoolchildren to attain the secrets of music and arts.

Fostering Talents

24.02.14 14:14

In accordance with the resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the state program to boost the economic and technical capacities and bolster the activities of children’s music and art schools for 2009-2014 signed 8 July 2008, consistent efforts have been underway in Jizzakh region on this front.

Knowledge of Languages Implies Perception of the World

31.01.14 14:09

An English language lesson is in progress in the first grade of the general school no.242 in Tashkent’s Almazar district. The first-graders speak wonderful English. They respond “Our Motherland is Uzbekistan!” all together to the question of the teacher “Where is your Motherland?”

A Children’s Center in Karshi

29.01.14 15:17

The Barkamol Avlod children’s center of the city of Karshi is one of those institutions making a worthwhile input into the comprehensive advancement of the younger generation.

The Most Honorable Profession

09.01.14 15:07

The Khojaabad Pedagogical and Socio-Economic Professional College boasts all the favorable conditions for the conduct of academic and sporting classes in accordance with contemporary requirements.

The Youth Striving for Knowledge

19.12.13 11:38

Foreign languages in the education system of Namangan region are taught with the help of advanced learning standards.

A Positive Approach

19.12.13 11:37

More than a thousand students at the Kamashi Pedagogical, Economic Professional College, Kashkadarya region, acquire knowledge and skills in seven vocations.

European Education Days Commence in Uzbekistan

12.11.13 15:15

The Days of European Education are organized in our country by the Delegation of the European Union in Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Improving the quality of education

06.09.13 12:58

Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information held a press conference at the National Press Center, dedicated to providing educational institutions with teaching literature and broad introduction of information and communication and educational technologies to the educational process.

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