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10.06.2016 09:48

Happy children of a great country

Happy children of a great country A Youth festival devoted to the 25th anniversary of our homeland’s independence has been held in our capital city under the slogan “We are children of a great country”.

The first deputy mayor of Tashkent, M.Obidov; the chairman of the central council of the Kamolot youth public movement, B.Ganiyev; others have said that conditions created under the leadership of our President Islam Karimov for young people to get education that meets modern requirements, to engage in sports and recreational activities, improve their health and display their strength, knowledge and potential are giving great results.

Our state leader’s decree dated 6 February 2014 “On additional measures directed towards implementing the state policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan on young people” is an important factor in continuing work in this area at a new level.

Young people account for more than 60 per cent of our country’s population. All the necessary conditions are being created for them. Comprehensive support is being given to young people who are active and come up with initiatives, who are laureates of state awards, who have been victorious at prestigious contests and festivals and who have achieved high results in science, art, literature, sports and other spheres.

Kamolot apartment houses are being built and being provided for young families to further improving their living conditions.

The festival, being held since 2011 in cooperation with the Kamolot youth public movement, the Culture and Sports Ministry, the Higher and Secondary Special Education Ministry and the Public Education Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as other organizations and departments, is becoming more and more prestigious, and it is scope is expanding with every passing year. The festival is held with the aim of familiarizing the younger generation with large-scale reforms and changes taking place in our country, increasing their social activeness by instilling in them a sense of involvement in the destiny of the homeland and protecting young people from the influence of “mass culture” and other ills.

The festival serves to strengthen in the hearts of the younger generation such feelings as love for the homeland, devotion to ideas of independence and respect for our national values and to make sure that they become ready to work for the country’s development.

As part of the festival, events have been arranged at educational establishments, neighbourhoods, military units and parks as well as recreational facilities in all the districts of the capital city for young people’s worldview and moral maturity.

Deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Supreme Assembly and local councils, prominent writers and poets, morality promoters, theatre and film actors and winners of international contests, Olympiads and sports competitions participated in gatherings and round-table discussions. Book festivals were also held. National films and plays were presented at cinemas and theatres.

As part of the project entitled “Proud of my homeland” at an academic lycee at the Tashkent textile and light industry institute, writes and poets, propagation group members met students there and held discussion. They propagated such concepts and feelings as homeland, loyalty, love and friendship.

In the Uzbekistan Interior Ministry’s sports arena and the Bobur park, “Students’ theatre studio”, “Young people in favour of live performances”, “We are proponents of a healthy lifestyle” projects, a football show and gala concerts took place. Famous sportsmen, country and world champions held master classes and gatherings.

Short films by young filmmakers were presented at the Uchtepa national handicraft vocational college, and many enjoyed them.

As part of the “Kamolot library” project at the 228th general education school, various quizzes and presentations of new books took place. Books were given to children of families in need of social protection. A feature film entitled “Baron” was shown at the Uzbekistan state world languages university and was widely discussed.

Within the framework of the festival, projects entitled “governor and young people”, “mass culture and young people’s morality”, “human trafficking is the current era’s problem”, “religious extremism and terrorism pose a threat to young people’s future” were held in Shayxontuhur, Yunusobod, Yashnobod, Bektemir and Mirobod districts.

Specifically, in the “governor and young people” project, district governors talked about work being carried out on ensuring that young people get education and vocational training as well as ensuring their employment. They also talked about the main areas of the state policy on young people. Young people got answers to their questions, and they also expressed their proposals and desires.

The “we have respect for veterans” project that involved visiting labour veterans and lone elders, helping them in their home tasks and the “trader with conscience” campaign being held with the goal of establishing public control over the implementation of the law “On limiting the distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products” were also to the liking of young people.

As part of the project entitled “No one should be left without care and attention” propagation group members visited the 22nd orphanage in Chilonzor district and held a cultural event there.

At the festival’s final gala concert in the Turkiston palace’s summer area, active young people were given memorable gifts by the Kamolot public youth movement central council and the Tashkent city mayor’s office on a number of nominations.

Bekzod Hidoyatov, photo by Otabek Mirsoatov, UzA