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17.06.2016 09:55

Celebration of peace and friendship

A festival of friendship and culture entitled Uzbekistan Is Our Common Home has taken place in Qashqadaryo Region on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence and the Year of Maternal and Child Health.

Representatives from national cultural centres in the region and state and public organizations participated in this event arranged in cooperation with the International Cultural Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Qashqadaryo Regional hokimiyat (governorate), the Uzbekistan Women’s Committee and other organizations.

The director of the republic’s International Cultural Centre, N.Muhammedov and others have said that special attention being given under the leadership of the country’s President, Islam Karimov, to protecting human rights and interests and to ensuring a climate of interethnic accord and religious freedom is producing great results.

This traditional festival held as part of the implementation of the presidential decree dated 2 June this year “On preparations for and celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan” serves to propagate the rich cultural and historical heritage of various nationalities and ethnic groups living in the country, to further raise the creative and enlightenment potential of amateur artistic teams at national cultural centres and to bring up the younger generation in the spirit of loyalty to ideas of national sovereignty and patriotism.

All the necessary conditions have been created for more than 30 nationalities and ethnic groups in the region to live in peace and harmony, to observe their customs and traditions and to keep and develop their national values.

A “Healthy mothers and healthy children are the nation’s joy” paintings exhibition and a round table conversation on the subject of “Ethnic and religious magnanimity is a factor of stability” were held as part of the event at the Qarshi state university and the Qarshi College of art.

“Equal conditions have been created for all in our dear Uzbekistan no matter their ethnicity, language, faith and social background,” says Anastasiya Plotnikova.

During a scientific-practical seminar, speeches were made on the subject of  “the role of national and universal values in bringing up the younger generation”, “Mother’s teaching is our future’s fruit our children’s happiness” and “the importance of national and religious values in bringing up a healthy generation”.

“There are not so many such hospitable and magnanimous nations in the world as the Uzbek people,” says a student of the Qarshi state university, Dilnoza Choriyeva of Turkmenistan.

A documentary film entitled “We are your children, Uzbekistan” promoting friendship, peace and cultural and educational cooperation was shown.

Songs and melodies performed by prominent artistes in various languages gave the event a festive spirit.

Olmas Barotov, UzA