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06.06.2018 02:55

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: If we use water in an orderly, reasonable way, it will be enough for all crops

Another important issue was considered at the meeting devoted to issues of increasing revenues to local budgets and ensuring price stability by increasing production. As it is known, a special Fund was created last year for preventing growth of prices for basic food products in domestic market. Due to unsatisfactory organization of its activities, sugar, vegetable oil, potatoes and chicken have been imported into the country for 155 million dollars to date. Impact of the Fund on price stabilization is not noticeable. Nothing can justify the fact that the Fund has become a credit institution serving the interests of individual entrepreneurs, noted the Head of the state.

Taking into account critical comments, the Prosecutor General’s Office has been instructed to conduct a thorough audit of activities of the Fund.

The Head of the state noted with regret the growth of prices for construction materials from year to year, which are extremely important for people’s prosperous life. Attention of relevant managers and responsible persons was drawn to the fact that this has a negative impact on inflation level. Prices for building materials compared with the beginning of the year increased by 16 percent in the country, particularly, by 23 percent in Tashkent region, by 20 percent in Surkhandarya region and by 19 percent in Khorezm region.

Reduction of acreage for re-crops by 238 thousand hectares, taking into account lack of water this year, should not be a reason for reducing production volume and rising prices. Therefore, due to full re-sowing of remaining 680 thousand hectares and increasing productivity, we should get a harvest in a sufficient amount both for domestic market and for export. If we use water in an orderly, reasonable way, it will be enough for all crops, – said President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

To eliminate these problems, instructions were given on organizing a republican headquarters and a working group on repeated sowing. Appropriate tasks on re-growing crops, caring for them, harvesting crop without losses, establishment of organized work for re-sowing of the areas freed from grain were identified.

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