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11.02.2017 00:06

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev looks at silk joint venture project

The President acquainted himself with the Huashen Silkworm Pro LLC joint venture project to be implemented in Angor District in cooperation with China.

This new enterprise is to be put into operation this year, specializing in silkworm growing. More than 3 thousand 700 jobs will be created there.

Surkhondaryo Region has extensive experience in the country’s silk production sector. In the year 2016, 3 thousand 394 farms there produced 1 thousand 553 tonnes of cocoons.

The Head of State looked at this project and said that the Surkhon valley’s natural climate and convenient conditions are good enough for productive silkworms to grow.

The new enterprise is of important significance to the provision of quality raw material for the country’s silk industry and to the creation of new jobs for the region’s people.

Abu Bakir Orozov, Umar Asrorov, UzA
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