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04.11.2017 01:49

Meeting of the Council of Heads of Governments of the CIS

On November 3, the regular meeting of the Council of Heads of Governments of the Commonwealth of Independent States was held in the Palace of International Forums “Uzbekiston” in Tashkent.

The event began with a meeting of the heads of governments in a narrow format. It was attended by the Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan, the Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytjan Sagintayev, the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Tajikistan Kohir Rasulzoda, the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Yagub Eyyubov, the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan Esenmyrat Orazgeldiyev, Plenipotentiary representative of Moldova at the statutory and other bodies of the CIS Viktor Sorogan. The meeting was also attended by the Chairman of the Executive Committee – the CIS Executive Secretary Sergey Lebedev. The heads of governments exchanged views on relevant issues of cooperation between the Commonwealth countries.

The Council of Heads of Governments of the CIS coordinates the development of cooperation between the bodies of the executive authorities of the Commonwealth countries in socio-economic spheres.

The Council of Heads of Governments of the CIS solves issues of implementing the instructions of the Council of Heads of States of the CIS, the adoption of joint programs for the development of various sectors of the economy and their financing. In addition, its activities are aimed at development of transport, communications and energy systems, cooperation in issues of tariff, credit-financial and tax policies, development of mechanisms of formation of scientific and technological space.

Uzbekistan considers the CIS as a platform for an open and confidential exchange of views on a wide range of actual issues. Our country intends to give a qualitatively new dynamic to its participation in the CIS in a number of areas, including in the sphere of trade, investment, transport, tourism, education, science, as well as in the field of security.

About twenty issues concerning the development of trade and economic relations between the member states were discussed at the meeting of the Council of Heads of Governments that was held in Tashkent for the first time.

At the meeting in an expanded format, the Statement of the Heads of Governments on consolidation of efforts of the world community for effective counteraction to international cartels was discussed. The Statement envisages measures on improvement of the situation in the CIS countries in countering international cartels. The participants noted the interest in joint implementation of measures on stable growth of the economies of the Commonwealth.

Considering the information on implementation of provisions of the Free Trade Zone Agreement of October 18, 2011, the Council of Heads of Governments noted that the mechanisms of resolving trade disputes provided by this agreement are the most effective instrument of mutually beneficial settlement of disputes between the parties on the issue of fulfillment of their obligations under the agreement.

The heads of governments approved the Concept of cooperation of the CIS states in the field of oil and gas engineering, land reclamation and control over the customs value of goods, as well as a Plan of priority measures on its implementation.

At the meeting it was emphasized that issues on introducing amendments to the unified budget of the Commonwealth bodies for 2017, on the approval of a unified budget of the CIS bodies for 2018, as well as related changes in the amount of contributions of the CIS member states on ensuring activities of the secretariat of the Coordination Council of Prosecutors General and ensuring activities of bodies of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS member states have priority.

Draft Agreement on the exchange of information necessary for determining and taking control over the customs value of goods, which was also included in the agenda of the meeting, is important for the development of economic interaction in the Commonwealth. This document is aimed at deepening cooperation in order to ensure the reliability of the declared customs value of goods transported through the customs borders of the countries of the integration association.

The document, aimed at counteracting evasion from payment of customs payments, will enable effective control over the customs value of goods passing through the borders of the CIS countries. This document was approved by the heads of governments.

Another document, directly related to the free trade regime in the CIS area, was included in the economic bloc of issues – a protocol on introducing amendments into the agreement on the rules of determining the country of origin of goods in the CIS of November 20, 2009.

At the meeting, issues of the exchange of information within the framework of the CIS in the sphere of fighting against terrorism and other violent manifestations of extremism, as well as their financing were also discussed.

As it is known, over the past period, a principled legal basis for counteracting contemporary threats, ensuring stable economic development, expanding cooperation in socio-cultural sphere has been created in the CIS.

Member states are studying issues of interdepartmental exchange of information, its legal framework, compliance with international and national legislation in the exchange of information. In addition, within the framework of this initiative, opportunities for establishing mutual consultations between authorized agencies and organizations are being considered.

At the meeting it was emphasized that attempts of financing and supporting terrorism and extremism in the CIS will be identified through a specialized database of anti-terrorism centers of the member states.

Based on the results of the negotiations held in the spirit of mutual trust and constructiveness, decisions were made on the process of preparations for carrying out population census in 2020 in the CIS member states, further development of medico-social assistance and improving the quality of life of war veterans and their families, as well as a number of other issues.

At the meeting with representatives of the mass media, it was emphasized that the meeting was fruitful, the signed documents will contribute to further development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the CIS countries.

The heads of governments unanimously noted that the meeting of the Council of Heads of Governments of the CIS was held at a high organizational level, expressed sincere gratitude to the Republic of Uzbekistan for hospitality.

The next meeting of the Council of Heads of Governments of the Commonwealth of Independent States is scheduled to be held in June 2018 in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Matnazar Elmurodov, UzA
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