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17.11.2017 21:16

Electronic queue registration system will be introduced in family polyclinics

The Head of our state got acquainted with the activity of the family polyclinic No. 61 in Sergeli 6-A district.

There are departments of ultrasound examination, digital roentgen, electrocardiography, physiotherapy, clinical and biochemical laboratory, outpatient hospital in a three-story family polyclinic for 250 visits. All conditions are created for rendering qualified medical services to the population by narrow specialists, such as therapist, pediatrician, surgeon, otolaryngologist, oculist, neurologist, immunologist.

One of the main innovations in the family polyclinic is the introduction of an electronic patient registration system for the queue. That is, a patient, before entering the clinic to see a doctor, is queued up via the Internet or on the phone using the system installed in the registry, which prevents red tape and saves time.

The President of our country instructed to introduce such a system in all primary medical institutions of the capital on the example of the family polyclinic No. 61. It was emphasized that the reforms in the medical sphere, first of all, should be implemented more deeply in family polyclinics, these institutions are called upon to improve the health indicators of the population and should regularly provide information on diseases, which became less, which are diagnosed at an early stage and what treatment is being carried out.

Matnazar Elmurodov, UzA
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