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19.05.2018 14:11

Andijan Silk.Co joint venture has been established in Andijan

Andijan Silk.Co joint venture has been established in Andijan Shavkat Mirziyoyev during the visit to the enterprise pressed a symbolic button, thereby giving a start to the production. The President got acquainted with activity that was carried out here.

Andijan Silk.Co LLC Uzbekistan – China joint venture is engaged in processing silkworm cocoons and production of finished products.

In accordance with the resolution of the Head of the state of March 29, 2017, “Uzbekipaksanoat” Association was established. The Association is currently working on accelerating development of the industry, introduction of innovative technologies, new methods for fattening caterpillars of silkworm, improving the quality and volume of harvesting cocoons on the basis of studying the experience of advanced countries.

Spinning and sewing equipment worth 2.1 million dollars of Chinese production is installed at the joint venture Andijan Silk.Co. 150 people are employed. Until the end of the year it is planned to increase the number of employees to 300.

With the launch of the project at full capacity, it will become possible to process 300 tons of cocoons per year. For the current year export of finished goods is planned for 5.1 million dollars.

Presentation of projects on development of silk production, production of leather and footwear products, building materials, yarn and fabrics was held.

The Head of the state gave responsible persons the appropriate assignments on projects. 

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