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05.02.2017 20:20

A new multipurpose sports and concert venue is to be built in Tashkent

A new multipurpose sports and concert venue is to be built in Tashkent On 3 February President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev went to the construction site of a multipurpose Ice Palace, to be built at the intersection of Olmazor and Beshyogoch streets of Tashkent.

A particular attention is paid in our country to upbringing the younger generation as healthy and harmonically developed individuals, development of sports as a key factor in raising the international authority of the Motherland.

The Ice Palace, being constructed at the initiative of the Head of state, combines modern architectural solutions, advanced technologies and traditions of national architecture. In particular, the buildings of the complex will be constructed in the form of the bird Humo- a symbol of happiness and freedom.

This four-storey palace with a total area of 74 thousand square meters will have two complexes: a training complex and a main ice arena with an area of 60x30 meters each.

The arena, with a retractable seating system, will have a capacity of 14 thousand spectators for sports events, and 10 thousand spectators for a concert. The main corps will also have training arena with 300 seats.

A large ice rink will host hockey matches, competitions on short-track, figure skating, curling. Besides, tournaments on basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, boxing, taekwondo and other sports, as well as concerts, exhibitions and fora may be held here.

In line with the general concept, a sports museum, an indoor children’s playground, gyms, a fitness centre, contemporary catering facilities, a sports inventory shop and other amenities will be located in the territory of the complex.

The engineering networks, firefighting, lightning, ventilation and air conditioning systems will be fully automated, using energy saving technologies.

Furthermore, a four-storey car park is planned to be built next to the palace. The complex is expected to be commissioned in 2018.

President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev paid a special attention to the importance of such sports facilities in upbringing a harmonically developed generation and instructed the officials in charge to ensure quality of construction works.

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