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14.09.2018 21:35

Testing is not a decisive result

Testing is not a decisive result
According to the project “Development of preschool and general secondary education”, signed between the Ministry of Public Education and the World Bank, a testing specialist, international coach Mark Zelman (USA) has been invited to Uzbekistan.

A workshop on “Technology of compiling tests in accordance with state education standards based on international requirements for assessing students’ knowledge” was organized for school teachers from various regions of the country, at the Center for Development of Multimedia Education Programs with participation of a specialist. Information was given on the role of tests in determining the level of knowledge of students, the technology of making tests and errors encountered in this process.

According to the expert, tests in a sense have a strong impact on psychology of students. Another useful information: it turns out that the level of knowledge of students can be determined in four stages, that is, in the process of memorizing, reasoning, finding several solutions and applying knowledge in practice.

Mokhigul Kosimova, UzA
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