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07.09.2017 16:22

Pre-school day care establishment No 4 in Saykhunobod District put into use after major repairs

At the opening ceremony of this day care establishment, it was especially emphasized that all the necessary conditions were being created for the younger generation in the country to become physically healthy and morally mature and to acquire modern knowledge and thoroughly learn modern professions.

This day care establishment has been provided with furniture, special beds, medical equipment and various toys. In its yard, a playground, a fountain, a swimming pool and a wonderful garden have been created.

“After the major repairs, additional 30 jobs were created here. All the necessary conditions were created for educators and nannies to give modern education to the younger generation. At our establishment for 70 children, they also learn the Russian and English languages, ” says Saida Yusupova, the chairperson of this pre-school day care establishment.

In accordance with a Presidential resolution dated 29 December 2016 “On measures to further improve the pre-school education system in the years 2017-2021”, funds amounting to 8.6 billion soms were allocated to carry out major repairs on 9 and to reconstruct 5 pre-school day care establishments in the region.

In the past period of this year, 7.1 billion soms worth of construction and repair work was carried out on these sites.

There are 151 pre-school day care establishments in the region.

The hokim (governor) of Sirdaryo Region, Gh.Mirzayev, made a speech at the event.

Abdujalol Qayumov, UzA
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