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04.09.2017 20:39

Good present for holiday

In Farghona Region, 28 general education schools and 38 pre-school day care establishments were put into use after reconstruction and major repairs this year.

In the process of large-scale reforms being implemented in the education system of this country, special attention is being paid to bringing up the younger generation and providing them with modern conditions for getting education, and also to constructing buildings for educational establishments and sites of culture and sports and to supplying them with the necessary equipment.

On the eve of the greatest and dearest holiday (independence day), the new building of general education school No 67 in the village of Pahtakor in Quva District was put into use. About 3 billion soms were channelled into the construction of the school building. In this building, all the necessary conditions have been created for children to acquire modern knowledge.

“Its spacious and bright classrooms, gym and areas are pleasing to the eye. Teachers and parents are very glad about this much care and attention,” says the director of the school, R.Shamsiddinov.

The hokim (governor) of Farghona Region, Sh.Ghaniyev, made a speech at the opening ceremony of the school.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, UzA
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