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Video surveillance increases transparency of entrance exams

09.01.18 17:03

More than 100 young people took part in the entrance examinations for the 10th grade enrollment in 2017/2018 academic year of the Specialized school for in-depth study of information and communication technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorazmiy.

49 medals of young intellectuals of Uzbekistan

20.11.17 23:52

49 medals of young intellectuals of Uzbekistan

Turkey hosted the IX International Olympiad of Knowledge. The event was organized by Antalya Academy of Tourism and EDUANT Russian International School. Schoolchildren from Uzbekistan also successfully took part in it.

Joint training of promising personnel

14.11.17 19:03

An international conference dedicated to issues of training highly qualified engineering and technical personnel for the oil and gas industry of our country was held in Tashkent.

The right to education is guaranteed

19.10.17 14:48

The right to education is guaranteed

Committee on the Issues of Science, Education, Culture and Sports of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the Republican Interdepartmental Commission on Affairs of Minors organized a round-table on “Improving the mechanisms of guaranteeing the right to education”.

The Soul Architect

03.10.17 2:27

The People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan has implemented a number of projects on “Teacher – the architect of the soul”, in connection with October 1 – Teachers’ and Mentors’ Day.

Honor and respect – to selfless and caring teachers

30.09.17 5:03

Honor and respect – to selfless and caring teachers

Educating youth as personalities with deep spirituality, high intellectual potential largely depends on selfless, dedicated teachers, caring mentors. This is once again confirmed these days, when our country is widely celebrating October 1 – Teachers’ and Mentors’ Day.

Good present for holiday

04.09.17 20:39

In Farghona Region, 28 general education schools and 38 pre-school day care establishments were put into use after reconstruction and major repairs this year.

Advanced experiences becoming popular

09.08.17 22:51

Advanced experiences becoming popular

At Andijon’s industrial-teaching college, a practical seminar has taken place on the subject of “The new academic year – towards new milestones”.

Successful tests

01.08.17 17:44

Successful tests

At 6 higher educational institutions in the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, prospective students have sat tests.

Future cadets sit tests

05.07.17 19:53

Future cadets sit tests

Future cadets have sat tests at the Chirchiq military tank command engineering higher school.

Diplomas awarded to medical specialists

20.06.17 20:52

Diplomas awarded to medical specialists

The Tashkent medical academy trains personnel in such areas as medical treatment, medical teaching, medical prophylactics and nursing with a higher education degree. This year, 549 students have graduated from this higher educational establishment.

Locus of morality

18.05.17 23:04

Locus of morality

The information resource centre of Bukhara’s state university has more than 493 thousand books.

Forward-looking cooperation

12.05.17 23:18

At Tashkent’s state university of law, a press conference has taken place on the subject of “The university and mass media: forward-looking areas of cooperation”. It was attended by authors of publications on law in this country, researchers, scholars and journalists.

Innovative research laboratory

01.05.17 22:29

A republican educational practical seminar entitled “Innovative research laboratory” has been conducted at foreign languages boarding school No 1 in the town of Guliston.

Book marathon at pre-school day care institution

10.04.17 22:56

Book marathon at pre-school day care institution

At the book marathon, the Ghofur Ghulom publishing and media house within the system of the press and information agency of Uzbekistan, active people of the neighbourhood and parents gave the library many books of Uzbek and world literature, books about thinkers’ lives and work and about the moral heroism of Uzbek people’s ancestors.

New innovative education laboratory

06.04.17 22:37

A presentation of an innovative education laboratory at the credit-economics faculty of the Tashkent institute of finance has taken place. This laboratory was created in cooperation with the Khalq Banki (people’s bank).

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