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07.09.2017 18:52

Traditions continue

Traditions continue Art is a sacred force that nudges people towards goodness. Artists, while creating works of art, express their interests and innermost feelings.

In the Uzbekistan Armed Forces state museum, an exhibition of art entitled “Traditions continue” has been arranged. Such works of art are on display there.

Pottery, items made of carved wood and musical instruments made by members of the “Hunarmand [craftsman]” association of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan certainly have their aesthetic appeal.


“This kind of heritage passed on from our ancestors, respect for our traditions and the propagation of our achievements made in the years of independence serve to raise the morality of young people. The purpose of this exhibition is to give aesthetic pleasure to military servicemen and their family members visiting the museum and to evoke their interest in these types of art,” says the director of the museum, Mussalim Nuriddinov.

In this country, special attention is being paid to the further development of craftsmanship and applied arts. As a result, many talents are emerging. With their works of art, they participate in international contests and exhibitions.

Rahmatilla Zokirov, a member of of the “Hunarmand” association of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan, won “the best craftsman of the year” nomination in the “Etirof [recognition] – 2017” contest. Many works of this master, such as musical instruments, are on display at the exhibition.

Mohigul Qosimova, photo by Alo Abdullayev, UzA
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