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30.11.2017 14:13

Interesting meetings, active discussions

As part of the "PROlogue" festival, interesting creative meetings and masterclasses are taking place.

A creative dialogue has taken place in the Youth Creativity Palace. This dialogue was about the modern art of making films, young people's role in it and prospects for the development of the Uzbek national cinematography.

The first deputy director general of Uzbekino (Uzbek cinema), Sh.Rizayev; a people's writer, E.Azamov, and others said that attention being paid to the national cinematography sphere of the country helps to raise the morals and artistic taste and to expand the horizons of young people .

Traditional creative contests "Eng ulugh, eng aziz (the greatest and dearest)" and "Etirof (recognition)" help to identify and encourage young talents in cinematography.

Enlightenment events, round table conversations and conferences included in the programme of the PROlogue" festival are of important significance to deeply analysing the work of young filmmakers.

"This festival creates conditions for fruitful dialogue among filmmakers. I dream of making a film about the Uzbek intelligentsia of the 1920s," says a prominent film director, Yusuf Roziqov.

On the following day of the festival, masterclasses and conversations took place. Young film directors presented their film projects.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA
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