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31.08.2017 18:36

Exhibition arranged on doubly joyous occasion: pictures showing history and today

Exhibition arranged on doubly joyous occasion: pictures showing history and today In the exhibition hall of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan, an exhibition of art has been opened, devoted to the 26th anniversary of the Motherland’s independence and the 20th anniversary of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan.

The deputy chairman of the Art Academy, F.Toshmuhamedov; a people’s artist of Uzbekistan, V.Burmakin; and others said that good conditions created thanks to independence for creative workers, artists particularly, had made it possible for them to work productively and produce high results.

They also said that the establishment of the Art Academy was an important factor in the development of this sphere’s professional school of mastery and in its further strengthening in future.

Pictures, including works of fine art and graphic art, by artists working actively today are on display at the exhibition. Among these are works of art by such artists as S.Abdullayev, J.Umarbekov, A.Nur, V.Burmakin, A.Ikromjonov, S.Rahmetov and O.Olloberganov.


“Works of art by representatives of different generations are on display, which makes the exhibition even more interesting and meaningful. Each of these pictures is really significant. Artists’ inner feelings and views are expressed in drawings. Today’s exhibition is unique and comprehensive,” says Abduhakim Karimov, a creator of miniature art works.

In the retro part of the exhibition, there are many works of art in various genres. These pictures set people thinking.

Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, photo by Alo Abdullayev, UzA
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