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08.02.2018 15:12

Evening of poetry and classical music

Evening of poetry and classical music The evening of poetry and music devoted to the 577th anniversary of Alisher Navoi’s birth and the 535th anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur was held at the State Academic Grand Theater of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi.

Poetry of Alisher Navoi takes a special place in raising spirituality of young people, strong assertion of qualities such as humanism, kindness, patriotism. Creativity of the great poet, glorified ideas of humanism do not lose their relevance to this day. At the same time, ghazals and rubais of the poet continue to attract the attention of the whole world with their musicality, melodiousness, deep content and high artistry.

Another outstanding representative of our classical literature Babur became famous all over the world not only as a great poet, but also as a historian, geographer, statesman and talented commander. The poetry of Babur is dominated by ideas such as kindness, boundless love for the Motherland, people, nature, which today is of great importance in educating the younger generation.

At the evening, excerpts from Navoi and Babur's works were read, classical songs and melodies performed by masters of art and young artists.

Nazokat Usmanova, photos by Akil Gulyamov, UzA
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