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09.09.2017 21:11

“The best pavilion” of “Expo – 2017”

Astana, September 9. Special correspondent of UzA Bekzod Khidoyatov reports.

International specialized exhibition “EXPO – 2017” in Kazakhstan is coming to an end. On September 9, ceremony of determining “The best pavilion” was held in “Expo village”.

“EXPO – 2017” started in June and is coming to an end in September. The official emblem reflects water, sun, wind. Exhibition on “Future energy” reflects the concern of the world community with the problem of growing energy consumption, which has a big impact on our planet, and measures of its prevention.

More than 120 countries such as Uzbekistan, Russia, USA, China, Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Armenia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Turkmenistan, Romania, Brazil, Georgia and others are demonstrating their technological, scientific, cultural achievements at the exhibition. More than 20 international organizations are also taking part at the event.

At the ceremony of determining “The best pavilion”, the countries participating in the world exhibition are divided into two categories. The pavilion with stands of more than 20 countries, fully reflecting the goals, essence, meaning and idea of the exhibition, the design of which was developed in accordance with the theme of the pavilion, as well as attracted the greatest attention of participants and guests, was recognized as “The best pavilion” of the international specialized exhibition “EXPO – 2017”. They are awarded special statuettes and memorable gifts.

The closing ceremony will be held on September 10.

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