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10.09.2017 23:49

Striving for the future energy united people

Astana, September 10. Special correspondent of UzA Bekzod Khidoyatov reports.

On September 10, the official closing ceremony of the international specialized exhibition “Astana EXPO – 2017” was held in the capital of Kazakhstan. It was attended by the heads of a number of states and international organizations.

About 120 countries such as Uzbekistan, Russia, USA, China, Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Armenia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Turkmenistan, Romania, Brazil, Georgia demonstrated their technological, scientific, cultural achievements at the exhibition, which lasted three months. More than 20 international organizations also took part at the forum.

The exhibition devoted to the “Future energy”, international conferences that were held within its framework reflected the concern of the world community about the problem of energy consumption, which has a direct impact on the future of our planet.

The exposition, which became a symbol of industrialization and an open platform for demonstrating technical and technological achievements, attracted attention of millions of people around the world, over 5 million people visited the exhibition.

Our country took an active part in the exhibition. Thousands of guests, specialists visited the pavilion of Uzbekistan with a total area of 1 180 square meters. The stands dedicated to the achievements of our country in automotive industry, high technologies, robotics, tourism, the agrarian sector aroused great interest among them. A number of agreements on cooperation were signed. On September 5, the national day of Uzbekistan was held within the framework of the exhibition.

At the closing ceremony of “Astana EXPO – 2017”, it was noted that the forum was a logical continuation of the international exhibition that is traditionally held since 1851 and made a great contribution to unity of people of the world, the ranks of countries wishing to host this prestigious event and participate in it are expanding.

The official closing ceremony of the international specialized exhibition ended with a theatrical concert program and fireworks.

The next exhibition will be held in 2020 in the United Arab Emirates.

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