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11.09.2017 20:17

Sokh farmers produce more than 20 thousand tonnes of potatoes

Sokh farmers produce more than 20 thousand tonnes of potatoes In Sokh District of Farghona Region, the harvesting of potatoes is in progress in more than a thousand hectares of fields of farms and homestead land.

Large-scale work being carried out in this country to provide the population with good quality nutritious foodstuffs at affordable prices is producing high results. Available agricultural land is being used effectively.

In piedmont Sokh District, there is a lot of experience of producing vegetables, melons and potatoes that are rich in vitamins. Today 300 farms of the district are engaged in the production of vegetables, fruits and cereals. This year they grew potatoes in 770 hectares of land.

For the purpose of further increasing the production of potatoes, comprehensive support is provided for farms, and the necessary conditions are being created for them.

In the “Shohruh” farm, potatoes are being gathered in these days. This year’s grain harvest in the farm was more than expected.

“The production of agricultural products, particularly potatoes, brings in a good income. We gather 28 tonnes of potatoes from every hectare,” says Kamoliddin Sharipov, the chief of the farm and laureate of the “Dostlik [friendship]” award.

Agricultural producers of this district have a lot of experience, and they have produced more than 20 thousand tonnes of potatoes.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, photo by Muqimjon Qodirov, UzA
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