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04.02.2017 12:11

Promotion of the rule of law serves for development

The Andijon Regional council of the movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party (UzLiDeP) has held a round-table conversation in Andijon on the observance of laws relating to this sphere and the comprehensive protection of private ownership.

Members of the regional council of the party, specialists of banks and other financial institutions and managers of entrepreneurial entities attended the conversation. It was said at this event that special attention being paid to giving comprehensive support to entrepreneurship, protecting private ownership by law and further stepping up law awareness in this country was giving great results.

Reforms being implemented in the taxation legislation sphere are important in terms of creating even more favourable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in this country, improving the business climate and developing the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere.

During the event, there was an exchange of views on tasks relating to promulgating among the wider public, especially entrepreneurs and farmers, the law dated 29 December 2016 on making amendments and additions to certain legislative documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan following the adoption of additional measures to ensure the rapid development of entrepreneurial activities, to comprehensively protect private ownership and to qualitatively improve the business climate.

“Broad ideas about the essence and significance of the law were given to the participants in the round-table conversation. Due to these kinds of events, entrepreneurs become very conscious of being under the protection of the state,” says the chairman of the Andijon Regional council of UzLiDeP, Zuhriddin Jumaboyev.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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