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03.04.2018 00:11

Platform for effective cooperation of businessmen

Platform for effective cooperation of businessmen On March 29-31, the National Industrial Exhibition "Made in Uzbekistan" was held in Ashgabat. It brought to the attention of Turkmen businessmen a wide range of products produced in Uzbekistan.

The exhibition, organized by chambers of commerce and industry of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan became logical continuation of these friendly communications. This event will contribute to further development of trade and economic cooperation with business circles of the neighboring state, strengthening close partnership relations. At the exhibition, more than 100 large industrial enterprises and entrepreneurs from all regions of Uzbekistan presented their products.

The presented products of mining, metallurgical, oil and gas, mechanical engineering, electrical power, chemical industry, textile branch, spheres of production of building materials, household appliances, food, medical products, cars, insurance services, craft products attracted huge interest of visitors.

At the exhibition, agreements on strengthening commercial partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation were signed, promising agreements were reached on increasing export of products.

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