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21.11.2017 17:32

New projects are being implemented

Activities on implementation of 18 prospective projects have begun in “Kokand” free economic zone.

The free economic zones operating in our country play an important role in organizing high-tech industries, stimulating the production of modern industrial products, expanding the attraction of foreign direct investment.

The decree of the President of our country “On establishment of free economic zones “Urgut”, “Gijduvan”, “Kokand” and “Khazarasp” of January 12, 2017 serves as an important guide to action in this direction.

All conditions for implementation of new projects of entrepreneurs have been created on the area of more than 700 hectares of “Kokand” free economic zone. Specific measures on accelerated development of production, engineering, communication, road-transport and social infrastructure, provision of qualitative logistics services have been identified. Entrepreneurs planning to work in the economic zone, business representatives intending to invest in production, are studying with interest the provided benefits and preferences.

10 thousand units of household appliances, 6 thousand sewing, weaving equipment and 2 million pieces of energy-efficient LED lamps are produced in “Staffing Plus Kokand” LLC, a year.

“Kokand bicycles” LLC, on production of bicycles and spare parts for them, was established in 2015. It was granted 2 hectares of territory in the free economic zone. Equipment for 740 million sums was imported. 6240 children’s bicycles and 3129 bicycles for adults will be produced here a year. “Vodiy Evro textile” LLC proposes a project on painting and manufacturing of cotton products. 25 billion sums will be directed to this activity and 150 specialists will be employed. The products will mainly be exported.

In general, effective use of production and resource potential in the territory of “Kokand” free economic zone, creation of new workplaces on this basis will ultimately provide the population with permanent sources of income, will make a worthy contribution to the stable development of the economy and welfare of our people.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, UzA
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