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10.09.2018 16:38

GM Uzbekistan to stop producing Chevrolet Captiva

GM Uzbekistan to stop producing Chevrolet Captiva
According to GM Uzbekistan, based on the global strategy for updating a number of General Motors models, the company will stop producing Chevrolet Captiva.

In this regard, from today, conclusion of contracts and applications for provision of cars of this brand will be discontinued.

In addition, GM Uzbekistan will ensure the execution of all its obligations before consumers on contracts for Chevrolet Captiva cars concluded with dealerships by the end of this year.

It should be noted that 11 years have passed since the production of Chevrolet Captiva cars in the country. The first large-scale assembly of Captiva cars began in October 2007. In September 2011 and in February 2017, new (updated) car models were produced.

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