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15.07.2018 10:59

Fruits and vegetables export amounted to $463.2 million

The volume of exports of fruit and vegetable products in January-June in Uzbekistan amounted to 463.2 million US dollars, or increased compared to the same period last year by 73.3%. From the total volume of fruits and vegetables, the share of fruits and berries amounted to 51.2% (92.2% more compared to the same period of the last year), vegetables – 40.7% (63.4%), grapes – 5.5% (decreased by 1.1%).

According to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics, in the export of fruit and vegetable products, the main partners are Kazakhstan (out of a total of 51.9%), Russia (15.2%), Kyrgyzstan (8.6%), Afghanistan (5.5%), China (4.1%), Vietnam (3.0%), Turkey (2.1%), Pakistan (1.8%) and Iran (1.0%).

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