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06.07.2018 08:16

Family business is a basis of strength and well-being of a family

The Commission of the Lower House of Parliament on the issues of family and women has organized a roundtable on “Family business is a basis of strength and well-being of a family”.

In the process of economic reforms implemented in the country, special attention is paid to development of entrepreneurship, particularly, family business, which is an important factor in creating new jobs, formation of stable sources of family income, improving people’s well-being. After the adoption of the law “On family business”, work in this direction has risen to a new level.

In accordance with the resolution of the Head of the state “On implementation of “Every family is an entrepreneur” program” of June 7, 2018, the program “Every family is an entrepreneur” is being implemented in every district and city of the country, especially in remote regions and areas with severe natural-climatic conditions.

During the conversation, the state of family business was analyzed, issues of increasing the share of family business in the national economy were discussed.

Nurillo Nasriyev, UzA
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