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12.04.2018 10:16

15-20 million income from 4 ares

15-20 million income from 4 ares There are 68 thousand people, living in Boz district of Andijan region. Residents of the district have a rich experience of effective management in their household plots.

Residents of Golib mahalla, living in 510 houses, are allocated 48 hectares of land, of which 2.5 hectares are already occupied by greenhouses. To date, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, cabbage, various greens are grown in more than 100 greenhouse farms.

15-20 million income from 4 ares

There are many of such farms in the makhalla. The eye rejoices when you see what they are growing on their sites.

15-20 million income from 4 ares

However, unfortunately, there are also those who inefficiently use their household plots. Activists of the makhalla are taking necessary measures on increasing responsibility of owners of such sites. Those who want to do business, in particular, to build a greenhouse on the site and applied for a soft loan, is given the necessary assistance.

Fakhriddin Ubaydullayev, photos by Zukhriddin Umrzokov, UzA
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